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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby Blessing

Our family has been blessed with 4 new babies this year. We made a trip to San Fransisco to celebrate the blessings of two of our sweet new additions.

Introducing Claire

and Taylor

Aren't they both the cutest things EVER!

Well, at least since my kids!

Ariel, Nanna and Zoe

Spending quality time with all the family is the best part of getting together.

(Notice the feather in Zoe's hair, cute eh?!)

Jacob and Grandpa

Tate and Isaac are on a mission of destruction

Mission accomplished!

Eliza, Nanna and Zoe visiting over dinner.
Another great part of family get togethers; yummy food!

Sweet kisses
Another great thing about family get togethers!

Here are the proud mommies and sweet babies

Pa, Tyler, Claire, Meesh

Meesh, Claire, Smith, Sam, Eliza, Isaac

Pa, Taylor, Jeremy, Jacob

One star of the show...

Baby Claire

And the other star...

Baby Taylor

What a blessing we have to be part of such a sweet family. They are all great examples to us and so fun to be around. We are so grateful for all of them!

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Smart Helm said...

I'm impressed that you went to all the baby blessings! Way to support the family... and have lots of fun too :-)