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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Utah Vacation

This summer we took a vacation down to Utah to visit our friends and family and have as much fun as possible. We drove 12 hours straight to catch Ben's brother Adam and his family before they left to go back to California.

We went with Ben's family to a 4th of July street fair, and this is the first thing we saw.
A giant turtle!

Sticking with the giant theme we ate giant turkey legs.

That night we went to dinner with more Sorensen's

Look at these cute cousins.  Jenna, Brook, Libby, Emily and Ashley
More cousins in the sand box.  Michael playing with Grey and Tate.

Ellie joined them in the sandbox
Bekett was already pooped but he gave his best effort at a cheesers.
Michael showing off his skills.

Josh and Dana
Anthony and Ariel
Look at those amazing desserts.
Claudia and Mani
Next fireworks and glow sticks

Cousin Ellie and Bekett




Day 2 After church Zoe and I took a walk and found this cool lawn decoration.


Then we got to play with our favorite friends the Bastians


Fun at Seven Peaks

Day 3 we went to Seven Peaks

My mom joined us.

And the Bastien's!  Hi Kaden!

Tina and Brooklyn

Bekett took a nap.

Kisses for Grandma Cindy

It was Zoe's birthday so of course we had to sing and eat cake.


Day 5 we hiked the Y

Greysen was my hiking buddy.  He was awesome.  He just kept going even when he was certain we were never going to get there.  He was so excited when we finally arrived.

Brooklyn, Mom, Zoe, Tate, Greysen, Chandler, Bekett, Ben
Kaden got sick half way up and dad took him back down.

Bekett totally zonked on the hike back down.

Sunrise on the Y.

After our hike we had breakfast with the Bastien's and my mom and sister DJ.

Bekett and Odessa

Later we went to campus and Bekett pushed Tate around the BYU art museum

Day 6 we went to the splash park



I caught Zoe off guard.



Day 7 we met the Dame's for lunch.  They moved to Utah.  They joked that they expect us to move within 6 months since we seem to follow them wherever they go.

We met up with Melanie Helm at temple square and then made the long drive to Idaho to have dinner with Barbara, Roberta and Paul.

Then we went to DJ's house to play with goats and ride horses.




Day 8 we made our way to Amy's house to play with the cousins and try out the new boat. 



Bekett drove the boat.

Amy and Brent have this duck that likes to chase and bite.  We caught him on video going after Zoe.
They were having a dance festival in Rexburg so we got to go out and enjoy some music.