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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New York

We took a family vacation to New York City to visit my high school best friend Kjerstina.   

Bek's first plane ride

Crazy People on a Plane

Tate and Grey in the Cockpit

Right in front of the Hotel

Snuggling in the Hotel

Early Morning Bagel Run

Zoe and I decided to walk the 2 miles to Ess a Bagel the first morning we were there.  The Bagels were AMAZING!  Plus we walked past Grand Central and Saw the Empire State Building.

There it was only a few blocks from out Hotel!

That afternoon we met Kjerst and her cutie pie kiddos at the Bronx Zoo...

That debonair little man is Robbie.

Tate wanted to bring this guy home because he is probably related.

Juliana and Bek got acquainted.

It may have been a rocky start but...

They love each other!

Time Square

Time Square

Time Square

Noodles in New York for dinner and then off to the hotel to crash!

Zoe made a friend

Day 2 we went to the Natural History Museum.

This is us out front.

A Bunch of Wooly Mammoths

Robbie really liked Tate

Run from the T Rex!

Scary T Rex.  Look at Bek's face!

Prehistoric Tate

That Night Tate, Zoe and I met up with Kjerst and Emmi to see Matilda.  It is my new favorite show.  Hilariously funny, great music and amazing choreography!  It was Tate's first show and he loved it!

Here's half of us!
We got cheesecake after because Juniors was right next door.

The next day we met Kjerstina in Central park for a picnic but did not get any pictures. Oops!

That afternoon we checked out of our hotel in preparation for moving our stay up to Kjerstina's house. To celebrate our last day downtown we ate some Gelato at Bryant Park

That night we went with Jay and Robbie to a Game at Yankee Stadium.

Grey found his age on the seat at Yankee Stadium.

Go Yankees!

Too much fun!

Zoe loves a good mustache.

Here we are at Yankee's Stadium. The main goal of this visit was to eat lot's of good food. We did that at Yankee Stadium. They had the most amazing Nachos!

Saturday we went on a food tour.

Too bad we weren't shopping.  I am sure I would have loved this store!

Someone really loves their Valentine!

This little Chinese place has the best pork dumplings!

Doughnuts at Doughnut Planet!

The Lime doughnut was sooo GOOD!

Robbie and Grey shared a seat on the subway.

Have you heard of this place?

The best corned beef ever!  I don't even like corned beef and I am still dreaming of this sandwich.

Corned beef on the grill

Look at that!  Huge bite!

Milk shakes at Clinton St Bakery

We wore him out.

Corn at Café Habana


New Yorkers have a restaurant for everything!  This place had the best Rice Pudding!

The coolest Rice Pudding in NY

Walking in NY is hard work!

I was tempted to join him in the stroller!

Tate and Emmi were fast friends.  There may have been wedding plans involved.  But don't worry no papers were signed.

They walked like this the whole day.

So Cute!

This was taken from the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  That is Jay, Kjerst's husband.

Here is a shot of Ben

Love the skyline!

Love those faces!

Tate wants a sword!

And a suit of Armor.

Grey will take one too.

Super Mom balancing 2 babes during sacrament meeting

We spent Sunday afternoon in Central Park.

Me and my sweetheart.

Zoe begged me to take this picture.
She is so silly and beautiful!

Here she is !  My bestie from way back.

There is this great statue of Alice in central park with a bunch of quotes all around from the book.  It is so fun.  To read and to climb on.

Sweet faces at the fountain.

Twas brillag and the slithy toves did gire and gimbal in the wabe.

Monday we walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

Grey is the grump guarding the bridge with his water gun!

It is hot and humid in NY.  I felt damp the whole time we were there.

Nice skyline pic.

And the other side of the bridge.

Taking a break on the bridge.

Break on the bridge.

Pizza at the end of the bridge.  Grimaldi's, the best pizza that I have ever eaten!

Me and the Bekster on the Carosel

Zoe is such a sweet sister helping Grey on the merry go round.

The happy couple!
Tate and Emmi.

Once across the bridge and full of pizza we found a merry go round.

The beautiful Kjerst and her sweet Jannabanana!

Jannabanana aka Julianna

Ben under the bridge.

Yummy chocolate ice cream.

Yummy chocolate ice cream!

We came back across the river on the Subway and went to visit ground Zero.

World Trade Fountains

The Freedom Tower

Ellis Island was closed so we took the Staten Island Ferry to get a look at Lady Liberty.

Can you see her.

There she is!

The skyline from the water.

Janna loves Tate!  Sweet Kisses

Bek and me and Lady Liberty.

Sweet snuggles

Hey sweet faced man!

Shout for Liberty boys!

There was no silliness allowed on this trip!

Lady (and gentleman?) Liberty.

Taking in the view.

At the Bull for luck.  Although I guess we were at the wrong end!

Bek was not happy at the Bull

We are law breakers.

Zoe, Ben and I went to Serendipity to try the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.

We also got an enormous banana split that we were barely able to make a dent in.


Mommy, Daddy, Daughter Date

Afterward we went for a stroll around Time Square at night.  It is so bright there that at midnight it seemed more like twilight.

We had the most amazing time in New York. It was hard work but we had so moch fun and bonded as a family and with Kjerst and her kiddos and Jay. Can't wait to do it again!