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Sunday, May 29, 2011


This year Easter was kind of a busy weekend.

The Easter Bunny visits our house on the Saturday before Easter to help us usher in the solstice and celebrate the renewal of spring. To prep for our bouncy visitor we get to try out our artistic abilities. Forgot to get pictures of the process, it was one of those nights where we had already gone to Costco for groceries and when we got home we realized that we had no vinegar. Ben ran to the store to get some and when he got home he realized the cashier hadn't put the vinegar in the bag so he had to run back to the store. We didn't start dying eggs until after 8pm which is usually bedtime.

This was Grey's first Easter Egg hunt, we had to reming Zoe and Tate to leave some for him.

Tate is showing Grey how it is done.

He is getting the hang of it. Notice how dark it is outside? Yep they were up at 5:00am!

In the afternoon on Saturday we met up with some friends at the park for some more egg finding fun...

What a handsome bunch

Look at the cute Bastian clan
Brooklyn, Kaden, Chandler
Tina, Jeremy

Okay, not in order but the kiddos are inspectinn thier loot here.

Zoe and Brooklyn went for the same egg and had a head on collision that resulted in baskets flying everwhere. It was kind of funny to watch and thankfully no girlies or eastereggs where hurt.

Tate's loot

One of the girls there took it upon herself to help Greysen find his eggs. It was so sweet.



Here is most of the group, Tina and Michelle are taking pictures.

They had to take a break from the search to play at the park.

Wow! That looks fun!

Will he dare?

That is the face of a kiddo having FUN!

Does anyone else want to squish those cheeks?

The whole group of kiddos

Later we went back to our place for a BBQ and some strawberry shortcake.


More fun!

Here we are in our Easter gear.

What a way to welcome Spring right?!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Soccer...Piano and Smelly Moo!

This is a Friday night sleep over. We do it every Friday that we are at home. We pop popcron, watch videos and sleep in the family room. (At least until about midnight when I get up and go get into my bed!)
Tate on a sleepover night.

Wenatchee really is a beautiful place to live. This was waiting for me one morning when I left for work.

It went all the way across the valley

Ben and Grey on a weekday morning...I sooo wanted to crawl back into bed with them!

Tate took another camp with the fire tots soccer. This was the last time that he would be young enough to be in with the little kids.

Love the hair!



Rest...Happy guy!

Zoe has been taking piano here in Wenatchee since we moved here. She had a recital and ajudications at the end of February. She has made so much progress and all of her practice is really paying off.

Sorry we are still learning how to use the camera so the video got split...

My old roommate and dear friend Melanie came to visit us is this February. We were roommates at Rick College (BYU Idaho) in 1995! Can you believe it has been that long?! So we have a long history of late nights, ice cream runs and Jane Austen movies.

She came to spend the weekend with us and we had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures until she was just about to leave. She was up in Seattle working on the 504 floating bridge. She lives in Las Vegas now but apparently they send thier engineers to other places in times of need. Probably because she is so awesome. Her middle name is Smart after all!

We are so glad you came Mel!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Day at the Park and Valentines Day

So I reserve the right to change my mind later but so far I am LOVING this Wenatchee weather. These pictures were taken on a beautiful day in February as we played at the park.

Wow I love these faces!

Am I biased or is she gorgeous?!

Sweet boy loves to swing.

My other sweet swinging boy!

Look at the pure joy!

You know you want to kiss those cheeks!

and those!

Ben made an amazing dinner and dessert for Valentines Day including chocolate covered strawberries...

Steak and heart shaped potatoes. Everything tastes better if it is heart shaped!