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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Skippin by the castle

Disney Day 3

We started our morning on the third day with breakfast with Mickey and Friends.

Grey started to warm up to the characters finally so he wasn't always trying to run away.

He may have even had some fun with them!

There was hardly anyone else there so we had a great time hanging out and playing with the characters.

See! He totally warmed up to Mickey.

Is Mini trying to eat Tate's cereal?

Greysen's too?! She must be hungry!

Dance time!

How cute!

Silly Mickey! Daisy was NOT happy when she found out!

Grey is not so sure about this guy...

Zoe has no problem though.

Mickey is very friendly...and short!

Get Down!

Shake it! Shake it!


Tate had something very important to tell Pluto!

Pluto loves red headed ladies!

And handsome balding men!

Since it was the week before Tate's birthday they brought out a waffle with a candle in it for him to blow out while they sang to him.

Yay! Disneyland! With the sun in our eyes.

Zoe took a similar picture on our first trip...

Look at that sweet little mug! I can't believe how much she has grown!

She had so much fun posing that day.

Silly girl!

Beautiful girl!

Silly guy!

Okay so now the trip is catching up to Tate. See that red spot on his cheek? He gets that spot when he is very tired. He really needed a nap at this point.

Greysen was still good to go though!

A good friend of our has a brother who works in Disneyland. He arranged for us to get a picture with the whole cast. It had to be quick and kind of covert so a large crowd wouldn't gather. Tate had been waiting in line to ride the Dumbos and because he was alreay tired and grumpy he was not the most cooperative.

Maybe with the second picture? Nope, still the grumpus.

Grey loved it though!

Wow, a lot of stuff happened between these two pictures. We went back and forth between the two parks going on all our favorite rides again. Zoe went on the Tower of Terror a couple times. Tate went on the Toy Story ride several times too. We also ate lots of yummy food including homemade icecream and waffle cones. Our feet are about to fall off but we are having a blast.

I love this silly picture of dinner.

We had cajun food with benaise for dessert.

So yummy!

Cool picture Ben!

Tired, Tired boy!

or should I say boyS!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Disney Day 2

We spent our second day at Disney California Adventure.
We love the low key vibe there.
We got to enter the park early so there was no one else on the rides

Zoe and Tate got to keep going on these swings until thier bottoms hurt.

What a beautiful girl!

Silly guy!

Grey was not so sure...

I am sure this rock was shaped like something...

Climbing while carrying Grey was my workout for the day.

Sooooo much harder than it looks!

We got to go eat lunch with the princesses where Zoe got to get up in front of the whole restaraunt and introduce the princesses and Tate got to eat meatballs on a stick. Guess which one we got a picture of...

Zoe and Aurora...


and Belle.

Prince Greysen!

That army man had the coolest makeup!

Grey loved to pet his fish.

So stinkin adorable!
Can you tell we had a good time!

Grey is looking at the Ferris wheel.

3D Glasses are always good for pictures.

I wonder if kisses are better in 3D?

Sweet faces!

Who would buy those crazy toys?

Bumper Bugs!


Tate was totally in heaven.
After meeting Lightening McQueen and Mater he could have gone home happy.