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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

Here are the family pictures we had taken this year.
My ode to Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Look at this lovely young woman!

Sweet face!

He was very suspicious and serious for the shoot.

Goofy boys!

Brotherly love!

There we are.

Daddy daughter sweetness.

Those crazy boys!

Fun in the water.


Best Buds

Sweet Tate getting new teeth!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Summer Fun!

This summer we spent some time at Lake Chelan.

Lucky us we get to take naps in the car on the way.

Zoe made a few attempts at getting a good jumping picture.

Not quite

There it is!

Beach kisses!

Notice the adorable front teeth.  Tate's teeth were loose and he refused to have us pull them out. 

Sand play

Sand play has it's draw backs! 

Sandy face

Sandy baby.

What a beautiful way to spend a summer day.

Snuggles with my peeps!

For Zoe's birthday we decided to get her a cat.  Welcome our new cat Cassie to the family.

Zoe's birthday dessert.
Do you think she likes chocolate?

For Zoe's 12th birthday she had this fun group of gigglers!
They stayed up all night long and woke the baby up at 4 am.
Good thing they had a good time!
Since Zoe is 12 now and in Young Women's we were able to go to the Beehive retreat together.

We did not get much sleep.

Cute girls!  Cute horses.

We got to pull a hand cart.

We did the rock climbing wall.

Zoe made it all the way to the top.

We got to go down this amazing waterslide.

We went out in a canoe.

We did the polar bear dip.

Zoe went twice because her friend missed it.
Or at least she pretended to!

Also because Zoe is 12 now she got to go to the temple for the first time.

We went to an Apple Sox game.

More summertime snuggles!

This sweet faced boy is learning new funny tricks every day!

Look at those sweet smiles!

Sunny summertime in the backyard!

Greysen also had a birthday.
The big man turned 4.  He is so adorable and funny right now.

Tate played soccer again this year.  Soccer is the only sport the Tate really enjoys and asks to participate in.

He is pretty good at it too.
His coach this year remarked that he was impressed by Tate's respectfulness to all the team members.

For my birthday we took a trip to Seattle to do some Seattle things that we hadn't done before.

We met the Freemont Troll and the homeless man who lives on his back,

Tate got very friendly!

After some yummy mac and cheese we re-visited the gum wall.
Gross as ever!

We ran into Darth Vader but the boys were to scared so Zoe and I took him on.

Then we went bowling with some of our favorite friends!

I totally won!

More sweet face!

And odd places to take naps!

Then the summer was over and it was back to school time.

Now that summer is over it is a good thing we have some things to look forward to year round...

Cassie loves Zoe's hair.

Bekett likes to say prayers.

Grey likes to button his shirt.

Goodnight kisses.

Goofy boys.


Morning smoothies!

And Sunday naps.