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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter is one of our favorite holidays for a number of reasons.  We love the mandatory painting, we don't do many arts and crafts as a family for some reason even though we enjoy it so this is a great excuse.  Hide and seek is also one of our favorite things to do that we don't do enough.  What else, oh yeah!  Tons of yummy candy and deviled eggs.  Tate's favorite Easter candy is jelly beans and he insists that the Easter Bunny brings the best ones.  Zoe loves the chocolate eggs wrapped in foil.  Greysen ate way too much of everything.
Here we are with our creative juices flowing.  Greysen just wanted to keep dropping the eggs into the dye to make big splashes.
Zoe's beautiful artwork!
Greysen coloring and not splashing!

Tate is a serious artist!
Here are our finished products!  Lovely right!?

One thing I could do without on Easter is getting up at 5am on a Saturday!  My kiddos are early birds especially when there are treats involved.
Anyway, we try to be good sports.

Here is Greysen trying to open an egg.

Zoe with her share of the loot!
Tate is on the hunt!
Look at all the eggs!
Tate's favorite monster egg!

This was Tate and Grey's favorite post festivity game called scatter the eggs far and wide.

After our family egg hunt and a little yard work we met up with some friends to do a joint egg hunt at the park.  Here Zoe is playing the good big sister by pushing the little boys. 

Ben and Jeremy hid around 100 eggs!  Unfortunately our camera was on the fritz so we didn't get any pictures of our kiddos looking.
Here is our cute group of kiddos! 

Ben entertained the kids with the bottle rockets he made with our kiddos over spring break.

These videos were taken over the spring break since our camera stopped working on Easter but you get the idea. 


Tate's Rocket

Zoe's rocket.
Here is the group of kids watching the rockets at the park on Easter Saturday.

Tate and Chandler playing at the park.

Zoe insisted on posing for this picture.  She is so funny!

Zoe's First Ski Trip

Zoe's school paid for each kid to go skiing this year and a parent got to go with them.  Considering my condition and lack of previous experience Ben went with her.

Such a nice dad to not take any pictures of the falls.  Zoe says she spent as much time on her bum as she did on her feet.
Zoe had a great time but was so sore that she is in no hurry to go back.  Unless we spend all day at the lodge eating Pizza!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Recitals

Tate had his first piano recital a month ago or so. He did such a good job!

Zoe had another dance recital just for her jazz class this time. She was so excited about the red jumpsuit.