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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Birthday, Easter, Birthday, Spring

Tate turned 7 in February.
This kid is so awesome!
He is super smart, very helpful, hilariously funny and meticulous.
He is my first pick if I need someone to help me with a job.
I love how expressive he is.
He treats all of his friends with kindness and respect.
Man I love this kid!

Tate chose to make paper airplanes you shoot with a straw at his birthday party.

Tate with his birthday Kedama.
Here the boys are atarting our garden for the year. 

Bekett learned the comforts of the stinkbug!

Greysen is not a morning person

Fearing splashing colored water we decided to try a new technique for coloring eggs this year.

Shaving creme and food coloring.

And I got no pictures of the finished eggs!  Bummer.  They looked dooper cool though.

Love Easter morning hair!

We braved the Apple Blossom Parade this year but little did we know it would be a 3 hour affair. 
We were not prepared

Our favorite float was the Police bikes!

Bekett turned 1!
He is so stinking adorable!
He loves to cuddle.
I am his favorite!
He loves to eat berries and drink milk.  Most other things he will take a bite of and then spit them out.
He loves to play with his brothers.
Here he is with his cake...

Love the classic photobomb by Greysen wanting a bite.

Bekett hed some birthday pictures taken.  She had a hard time gettin ghim to smile since she is a stranger but they are still adorable!

Tate participated in an engineering club where they built towers and then competed with the other schools for the highest tower.

He came in first for his school and second overall.
He wears the medal everyday!
Man I love this kid!