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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Star Wars

Mother's Day weekend was the last weekend that the Star Wars exhibit was in Seattle so of course Ben and Tate HAD to be there.

I don't know all of the correct terms for things so you will have to be patient with me. This is some kind of space ship.

Grey decided this was the perfect place to perfect his dance moves.

Tate says this is called Droidica.

R2D2 right?


Yoda, oops kinda cut Ben's face off.

Grey wanted to shake his hand. Brave kiddo!

Good old Darth. Tate was in heaven.

Chewy was TALL!

Another space ship of some kind that I should probably know the name of.

Tate was totally freaked out by the storm troopers.

Tate got to drive a hover car.

Another ship

Is this one of the Fetts?

Anyway it was fun to see the boys experiencing thier favorite fantasy story. Totally worth standing in line with hundreds of Jedi knights. We were underdressed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ocean Shores

Totally off topic I got these feather extensions. What do you think?

In April my sister and her family met us in Ocean Shores for our very first combined family adventure. We got to the hotel first and headed straight to the beach.

This was the view from our hotel

April is not typically a very warm time of year at Ocean Shores but we totally lucked out with the weather. A little breezy, but clear skies and warm.

Here is Zoe easing herself into the beach experience. She is not wet yet but she has found a treasure.

As you can see Grey warmed up pretty quickly to the water. He was actually trying to run away from a wave but got pulled under. It was a good thing I was standing right there to pull him out.

Love this fun picture of Tate's reflection. Ben should be a photographer right?!

Sandy toes! Can you guess what else was sandy? Um yeah, pretty much everything.

See those concerned eyebrows! He wouldn't go near the water unless he was carried after that.

So fun!

Poor soggy man!

Ben took this picture to replace the one he took when Tate was Greysen's age. Had to get rid of the hunchback!

This was the second day.

My sister got to Ocean Shores late in the night and her car had broken down. So we had the whole day to walk around and play. The kids had a great time.
Here is Stetson, Cheraden, Tate and Zoe

Zoe and Tate racing the waves.

Jasper and my sister Dwan carrying little Odessa

Chilly me and Grey

This is as close as he would get by himself

Ben was trying to coax him back to the water

My amazing sister carrying both of her children

Cheraden, Zoe and Stetson

Little Odessa

Someone help us!

Silly hats

Silly Tate

Love this little character!

Under attack!

Oh no! Not Ben too!

Sleepy boys. Jasper is too funny with his hands behind his head.

Trophy Cupcakes back at the hotel

We made our way back to Wenatchee after a short trip to Pike's market where we saw the gum wall for the first time. It was truly disgusting and my only picture is on my cell phone which I don't know how to transfer over. Maybe I will add it when I figure it out.

Okay I figured it out. The next few pictures are from our cell phones during our quick trip through Seattle. We drove by the Space Needle.

Grey got to pet the pig

Cheraden with her baloon heart at Pike's

Here we are at the pig

The gum wall, blech!

Then we made it to our house after a very long drive

Odessa is about the cutest thing EVER!

Greysen thinks so too, he kept trying to take her.

He had to settle for a kiss

Sweet Odessa snuggles! Can't get enough.

Jasper was fun too but he had to be watched from affar. He wouldn't let anyone but mommy and daddy too close.

We were so blessed to be a part of little Odessa's blessing. Isn't she so beautiful?!
Sweet girl.