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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Star Wars

Mother's Day weekend was the last weekend that the Star Wars exhibit was in Seattle so of course Ben and Tate HAD to be there.

I don't know all of the correct terms for things so you will have to be patient with me. This is some kind of space ship.

Grey decided this was the perfect place to perfect his dance moves.

Tate says this is called Droidica.

R2D2 right?


Yoda, oops kinda cut Ben's face off.

Grey wanted to shake his hand. Brave kiddo!

Good old Darth. Tate was in heaven.

Chewy was TALL!

Another space ship of some kind that I should probably know the name of.

Tate was totally freaked out by the storm troopers.

Tate got to drive a hover car.

Another ship

Is this one of the Fetts?

Anyway it was fun to see the boys experiencing thier favorite fantasy story. Totally worth standing in line with hundreds of Jedi knights. We were underdressed.

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Smart Helm said...

I saw it was coming to Seattle and I was sad I was going to miss it! So glad they got to go. I understand the need :-)