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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Random Fun

Zoe's first date dance with Louise

This guys loves oragami

Cheer Awards

Zoe was given the most driven award


We love piano recitals
(again find the video online)

Tate's Birthday

Nanna and Grandpa came for Tate's birthday but we only got pictures of their dog. 

Here is the birthday boy.

Nerf gun party

Love hanging out with this guy!  He is smart, funny, kind and thoughtful.

Cheer Competition

Zoe did her first cheer competition this year.  
No pictures of the performance but you can find the video online
They did great though!

The boys were not super excited about it though.

We try to keep them busy and happy.

It doesn't always work though...

The girls had a big dance party while waiting for the results.