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Sunday, March 2, 2014

D Tate Sorensen

My sweet Tateroo turned 8 this year!
Isn't he handsome!

He is also sweet, smart, funny, organized, thorough and willing to work hard.

Man I love that little nose and those freckles!

For Tate's birthday I got to go to his school to deliver cupcakes.

King for a day!

Greysen came with me to be my comic relief.

We had this great spy birthday party.  I do not know how we will ever top this.

The laser maze!

And best of all Tate was able to get baptized.

I am so proud of my little guy!

Grey was not in a picture taking mood.

Nanna and Grandpa came out to see him.

Daddy preformed the ordinance.

Silly showman!

Thanksgiiving, Christmas, New Years

We had a low key Thanksgiving this year. Just us at home with a lot of yummy food!

Zoe and I decided to try black Friday shopping for the first time.  Who knew how fun it could be getting up at 5 am to go shopping!

Bekett was not super excited to meet Santa

Pie is the best!

Tate got a new watch and some star fruit for Christmas.

Grey needed a nap after getting up at 3 am!

Sparkling Cider!

This is our only picture from Christmas.  The boys got matching suits.

We spent our break goofing around.  Playing games, resting and eating yummy food.  Not a bad vacation.

For New Years our friends the Sampson's came to play with us.

Happy New Year!


Some exciting developments!
We got a cat!
Her name is Cassie and she is very fluffy.

Bek is eating with a spoon!

Or at least he holds the spoon while he eats with his fingers!

Tate is a budding engineer!