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Sunday, March 2, 2014

So You Think You Can Dance

Zoe and I took a road trip to Seattle to see the SYTYCD concert in November.

Loved spending the day with this girl!
The concert was awesome!

Goofy girl with a giant Coke!

The goal was to get a little caffeine in us to help us stay awake for the drive home.

It didn't really work and Zoe fell asleep promptly as we left the city.  Driving through Bluette pass I saw a deer in the middle of the road and slower down which woke her up.  We were both terrified because he could have bolted to our side of the road at any time.  As we passed him I noticed his rump was even with my widow and realized he must have been pretty big.  I had not paid attention to his head since his rump was what was closest so I asked Zoe if her had antlers. "King of the forest antlers!" she replied.  She was awake the rest of the way home.  

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