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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Celebrate Zoe!

Zoe has had a busy couple of months and with all of her fun adventures needed a post all to herself. Our Stake had a pinewood derby for the Activity Day girls.

This was Ben's first experience making a pinewood derby car. Zoe designed the concept and Ben made it work.

All the other girls had flowers and princesses on thier cars. Zoe was going for something more fierce so she designed a dragon.

This was the finished product. Pretty cool eh! She named it Firebolt. Her car took first place in the ward and second place in the stake.

Zoe recently had her 10th birthday.

I can't believe she is in the double digits.

Here are 10 things we LOVE about Zoe:

1. She makes great pancakes, crepes and waffles from scratch. She makes us brunch every Sunday.

2. Zoe is a great big sister. She cuddles, tickles and entertains like a pro.

3. She is very determined. When she sets a goal she works hard to achieve it. She hates running but she set a goal to run a 10k and she is up to running 3 1/2 miles.

4. She is very artistic. She draws, plays piano, and dances beautifully.

5. Her laugh is hilarious.

6. She has a strong sense of who she is and where she wants to take her life already. If she doesn't do well on an assignment she will always ask me, "Mom does this mean I can't go to BYU?"

7. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and she let's that guide her life. She is happy to let us know if we are doing something she doesn't feel good about.

8. She has great fashion sense, and since she is already wearing a size 7 shoe we will be sharing clothes very soon.

9. She is incredibly kind and soft hearted. She wants people to be happy and when others are hurting she hurts.

10. She is open to new experiences. She is always willing to try new food, or new adventures. She loves excitement.

Ben made the frosting flowers.

Isn't that the most awesome thing ever. What an incredible dedicated father and an amazing homemaker.

Our friend TIna came to help out with the party. She ROCKS! You can always count on her crafty nature to come up with a great idea.

Again, trampolines are the best birthday party investments ever!
Sprinkler+Trampoline=Happy kiddos!

Birthday presents.

Zoe's friends were so generous. She was so appreciative.

This was Zoe's outfit for the last day of school last year.

She is quite the fashionista.

Zoe had a dance performance at the end of last year for Jazz and Ballet.

She made some good friends, and had a great time.

Friday, July 22, 2011


So there used to be this indoor arena football team here in Wenatchee, it recently left town but we got to go to one of the games before they left.

Try not to pay attention to all the empty seats.

The Bryans came to join in the fun

Here is Tate with Shawna and Sydney

The Bastiens where there too.

The guy in the cap is Theron

Hello Tate!

Tina is the toddler whisperer! It was way past Grey's bedtime!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

San Fransisco continued...

We had the chance to visit a couple of other places while we were visiting family in San Fransisco.

Ben and Tate braving the Tyranosaurus

Tate and a Turtle

Zoe giving the turtle some love.

We also got to visit the Botanical Gardens...

I don't know flowers but they were beautiful.

Me and my monkeys in the jungle.

Zoe and I did an impromptu photo shoot while we were walking around the park.

Isn't she gorgeous!

Zoe and I popped into the fine art museum while the boys went to get the car. We were only able to be there for 15 minute or so but it was a fun adventure for the 2 of us together.

We like to challenge our kiddos to eat new things. We found these crickets that were cheese flavored at Pier 39. I wasn't sure if they would do it but they gobbled them up!

Looks delicious right?!

The last day we were there we went to Six Flags.

Tate (with his growly face) and the tiger.

They are checking eachother out!

Zoe is our roller coaster junkie. You might have to enlarge us to see it clearly.

Cute man!

Baby Taylor. I could snuggle him all day! Except that everyone else wanted to so I had to wait my turn.

Goofy Tate.

Sleepy Jacob. Such a cute boy.

Can you find the roller coaster junkie and her dad in this picture?

One last picture of baby Claire before we headed home.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

San Fransisco

While we were in San Fransisco for the baby blessings we decided to do some tourist stuff that we have never done before.

We stayed in the city because I had a conference I had to go to and we were only about a mile from Pier 39. We were able to walk down a couple times and enjoy the sights and smells...and the FOOD!

Ice Cream!
Uncle Jeremy treated Zoe and Tate after thier trip to the Aquarium.

Tate hanging out by the boats...

The whole crew...sadly I was in a conference for this part. Looks like fun though eh?!

Look at these strange creatures they found at the aquarium!

What adorable sea creatures!

Maybe they will let me take them home.

Love the squishy nose!

Oooooo! That's a nice one too!

Maybe I can have all three!

How could I resist!?

Also while I was in meetings they got to go to the zoo.

The perfect form of transport.

Tate, Grey, goat, Jacob

Popular goat!

Wait! Aren't those the cute creatures from the aquarium?

Ben and I were able to take advantage of many willing sitters to have a night to ourselves.

We had a great time touring around the city.
China Town
Seriously like we entered another country.

Union Square

There were tons of artist displaying thier work and some of it was amazing.

Then we went on a bus tour of the city. Our tour guide was hilarious! He ate loudly and got lost a couple times but taught us lots of interesting things about San Fransisco. Did you know that only pets and military can be buried there. Where do all thier dead go?

This pic is for Melanie. This is one of the cables to the Bay bridge cross sectioned. Inside there are thousands of thumb width cables. It's not rebar but still very interesting eh Mel?!

Then we took the ferry to Alcatraz

There's the bay bridge in the background

There you can see Alcatraz behind that bardge.

The skyline from Alcatraz

Serving 20 to life but should get out on good behavior.