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Friday, February 26, 2010

Greysen Goo turns 6 months!

Can you believe it!
Greysen is already 6 months old.
He had a doctors appointment today and she said:
He is 27 1/2 inches long and 19.10lbs
(BOTH 90th percentile!)
and he has brown eyes.

Here are some videos of the funny man...

Rolling over...
(You have to be real patient with this one or else fast forward, it is kinda long)

Getting up to his knees...and perfecting the "pick me up" message

Laughing and spitting...

and his very favorite...JUMPING!!!

Here are some photos of the cuteness...

Greysen LOVES Zoe. He starts laughing as soon as he sees her.

He is working on crawling now. He has perfected going backward and is now trying to get the hang of forward motion. He just recently started rocking and scooting his back legs forward.

Eating solid foods...
likes: bananas, peas, carrots, peaches, apples, cereal, sweet potato
dislikes: turkey

So cute!

He gives big slobbery kisses!

And he has a great smile!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Greysen Goat

The other day while Zoe and I were on an Activity Day field trip Ben took the boys for a walk around our neighborhood. We live in a small gated community in a relatively urban area. Which made it even more surprising when they encountered a goat walking down the middle of the road. They played at our small playground and watched the antics of animal control trying to round up the goat which included one animal control person walking down the sidewalk searching for the goat while the goat walks nonchalantly a few feet behind him. The antics went on for quit a while and Ben did not actually see the goat get caught. (We assume he did because we haven't seen him again.) Zoe and I got all the stories later, when I asked Tate about it he said, "Oh Greysen Goat was hillarious!" I guess Grey has a new nick name.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

This year we had more of a family Valentines Day. Starting with Sunshine toast. (also known as Toads in a hole, but my kids don't like the idea of eating toads.)

I decided to try my hand at cake pops. I did not realize it would be a two day endeavor, but it was fun and they were delicious!

Ben got Zoe and I flowers and a See's gift card.
What a sweetie!

Zoe and Tate fell in love with Charlie and the Chocolate factory over Christmas break. Seriously every once in a while I hear Tate saying "fat, fat, fat" and giggling to himself. So we got it for them and watched it a bunch of times.

Ben and I got Band Hero and man do we rock.

The one thing we did as a couple was go to the Stake Valentines dance. It probably wasn't the most romantic evening we have ever had but we did have a couple good laughs and we danced together for the first time in five years. Sad but true. Ben is not a big dancer.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Who's My Favorite Tateroo....

So my little Tate turned 4. Can you believe it?! He is getting so old. (I say old and not big because he has not ever been what you would consider BIG.) I tried bribing him and cajoling him to stay 3 but he insisted he turn 4. We did finally come to an agreement though...
He must:
1. Still cuddle me every day
2. Give me all the kisses I want
3. Stay the nice, sweet, considerate boy he has always been
If he meets these three steep criteria then (and only then) can he turn 4.
His reply was "Yeah, yeah sure mom" (in his very sweetest voice)

I am not looking forward to the upcoming sassiness that inevitably follows the milestone of the 4th birthday.

So as Sorensen family tradition goes there was a week of celebration for the great Tate.

Tate, Grey and I built a robot and his pet giraffe....

Zoe and Tate celebrated their sibling connection...

Zoe made Tate a fabulous birthday card...

Tate helped daddy work out...(very generous of him don't you think?)

Tate insisted on having Trophy cupcakes for his party and I did not argue since I am completely addicted to them. Kenzie (Tate's best friend (next to me)) came along for the company.

We stopped at Bellesquare to play...

So here is my best effort at making cupcakes into a Cars race track. (Good thing he is only 3 right?)

Then we went to the Bouncy Place with some friends to burn off the calories from the cupcakes.

See it works!

On the actual big day Tate got to go to soccer practice with his dad where a swarm of older girls tried to get his attention.

Not bad for a 4th birthday!