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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Head Photo Shoot

These were the pictures we chose from the read head photo shoot. There were many more but these were some of our favorites....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catch Up!

Business has gotten me behind on my blogging so here is a random catch up blog...

This was Ben's last day of school. I was a really big deal for both of us because he had been teaching there for 9 years. It was his first "real" job in his career. He really loved working there and discovered himself as a teacher over his years there. I was surprised by how strongly attached they were to him at his farewell party. One teacher cried A LOT and the principle kept saying "Really if you ever move back to this area you will always have a job here." I kept waiting for Ben to have some type of emotional reaction but he just seemed so peaceful about the whole thing. I personally felt a little panicked that we were leaving a job that has supported us through the majority of our children's lives.

This was Zoe's very last show with British Dance Academy. They did Peter Pan this year. Our video isn't converting for some reason but I wish I could show you how much she has grown as a dancer since her beginnings. This picture was on the way back to the car after the show. Zoe and I were both crying.

One of Zoe's favorite teachers Miss Magna from British.

I got to go with Zoe on her end of the year school field trip this year. We went to the Pacific Science Center and had a great time. This is Zoe's friend Maria.

Zoe and Dana BFF's!

Okay totally random cuteness. We got home late one evening and while we were putting stuff away Grey crawled over to this blanket and fell fast asleep.

I told some of you that we were having our pictures taken for a book on redheads. That will be a separate post. The same photographer organized a Guinness Book of World Records event to get the most redheads in one place. There ended up getting 902. Can you find us?

Here's the whole crew!

Grey has mastered straw drinking...

But not pants wearing!

Zoe turned 9! Soooo CRAZY!!! Here she is snoozing on our couch...

Red Velvet birthday cake from Costco (her choice!)

The Sampson's came out to visit for the 4th of July and Zoe's birthday. Ben was so excited to play MAN games on the XBox.

More random cuteness.

and again.

Jack and Tate

They do have playgrounds here!

My first attempt at cake decorating. It's not great but it is hand painted so I felt very proud.

This last bit of nonsense is the add the clinic ran in the paper here in Wenatchee. I realize I should feel proud or something but mainly I feel embarrassed when someone says "Nice picture in the paper." I guess I like to be relatively anonymous.