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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fun Times!

It is super busy in the Sorensen house right now.  Here is an update of some of the fun things we have done so far this year.
Tate gave basketball a try under gret duress.  He does not try new things willingly.  In fact when he learned to read and we asked if he wanted to go to Disney Land he said, "NO!"
Anyway, he had a hard time because the baskets were so high but he finished it out and we were proud of him.


Zoe decided that she wanted to try the Cello this year in Orchestra.  She likes it better than the Viola although she thinks it is harder.

Zoe is still playing piano too.
Tate is playing piano still also.

Bekett is not yet playing any instruments but he does blow a mean oatmeal raspberry!

He has an adorable laugh too!

He has also learned to voice his opinion...
He loves being naked and taking baths.

Greysen of course has to jump in front of the camera to show off his cutness!

Bekett is also working on getting in and out of tight places.