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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanksgiving and more...

Look at this cute little munchkin!

Tate has developed a new love for Star Wars. Ben and Tate spend about ten minutes a few times a week playing the Star Wars video game. Really Ben runs around fighting bad guys while Tate walks around in an AT AT Walker looking at the scenery.

Ben's parents came up from Utah to visit us for Thanksgiving. Mani made us all sorts of delicious treats.

Our neighbors the Bastian's also came to eat good food and play. They are awesome Settlers players!

Mom and Dad enjoying a pre-feast snack.

Here we are Thanksgiving Day.

Nana and Grey playing cars.

Here are our beloved reindeer antlers. I have no idea where they came from but every year we have to get pictures in them.

Grey was not a fan!

Silly Zoe!

Say cheese!

Get them off!

Decorating the tree. Tate looks thrilled!

This was in Leavenworth. We went with Ben's parent's and this is the only picture I got. Oh well we will have to go again!

Tate and Grey enjoying our first snow.

Grey enjoying more snow...

Grey trying to eat the snow...

Too much snow!


Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well, our camera is getting old but we managed to get a few good Halloween pictures in. We tried out the corn maze and pumpkin patch here in Wenatchee this year. You will notice that there are no pictures. It was a total bust. The corn maze was more like a corn path and the pumpkins that were left were all mush. Lesson learned we will make the 2 and 1/2 hour drive to Carpenito Brothers next year.
So we bought our pumpkins at good old Fred Meyer but still had a blast picking out designs and carving.

Sadly there are no great pictures of the finished product. The first night we lit them it was breezy and they kept blowing out and after that I just kept forgetting. I just went outside to see if I could get one now but the pumpkins are more black than orange now. Oh well... Here is Ben's attempt at lighting them the first night.

Tate and Grey admiring the one that stayed lit.

Tate picked the theme this year. Can you guess who we are?

Yoda, Leigha, Han, Luke, Padme

We went Trick-or-Treating in down town Wenatchee on Saturday. We got lots of comments, and compliments. The funniest though was when we would run into people we know and they would recognize me and then ask where Ben was. I guess he doesn't look himself in a 70's shag.
We didn't Trick -or-Treat on Sunday but we had a steady stream of treat seakers at our door from 5pm until we turned our lights off at 8pm. How fun to be in a neighborhood!

The Fall here has been so beautiful.

These last two are pictures of our front yard.

We had a great Fall party at our place last weekend. Many people from our Ward came and the Dames came down from Manson. It was so much fun. The only sad thing is that I only got two pictures that were in focus of the whole thing. Bummer!

This was one of the games we played. The kids had to be blindfolded and carry leaves to a bag across the yard. So funny. We also played put the eyeball on the skeleton, eat the dangling doughnut, and had a mask painting station. Mostly I just visited with the ladies and prepared treats while Ben ran the show. He was thrilled. We had great treats too though. Peanut butter bites, caramel apple bites, caramel popcorn (thanks Tina!), Kettle corn (thanks Shawna!), hot cider, and homemade hot chocolate. Sugar coma!

Blast from the past!
When we were putting up Halloween decorations Tate wanted to try this on again.
Surprise it still fits!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


One of the many joys of having a backyard is to finally have the room to get some fun toys. I have always wanted one of these...

Fun eh!

(Yes my children are outside in their pajamas, it's our backyard!)

Look at Zoe's skill! She learned to flip so quick.

Come jump with us!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baptisms, Birthdays, First day of School and Other Adventures

We had quit a busy summer and early fall. Soon after we had settled in to our new home in Wenatchee we had the opportunity to attend our sweet nephew Matt's baptism. We were so grateful to be able to attend such an important occasion in his life, and we are so proud of his choice.

This is Matt and his dad Uncle Brent who Zoe and Tate adore.

Greysen turned 1 in August. He is such a sweet and funny boy. He lives life with reckless abandon which at times has resulted in tears, but also resulted in walking earlier than any of our other children. When he first started walking he would stand up at the couch to get his balance. Throw his hands in the air, and take off across the floor at a run. Squealing and laughing for about 5 steps and then crash to the ground. So much for slow tentative steps.

Look at those sweet curls.

He likes to press his nose right up to the bars of his crib so he can watch for us through the door.

We have a picture just like this of Tate at the fair.

Cool dude!

Grey went with us on his first bike ride. The helmet was not his favorite.

He decided bike ride time was nap time.

Thankfully he was strapped in!

First birthday also means first haircut...

He looks suspicious...

He was not a fan of the haircut. Ben had to work pretty hard to keep him distracted and still. The only thing that worked was chocolate birthday cake (mixed with hair clippings)

Yep, that sums it up!
Zoe had her first day of school. She was very nervous and had an upset tummy all morning but was of course very excited about her new outfit.

Her classroom this year is in a portable.
She ended up loving her teacher and making many new friends.
She did come home concerned one day because one of her friends was french kissing her boyfriend on the bus. Ben and I were both holding in our shock and trying to stay cool. She went on to say that she knew she wasn't ready for those types of things and was looking for friends that shared more of her interests. She also mentioned that a boy had tried to hold her hand on the bus but she didn't let him. Needless to say she doesn't ride that bus much anymore. Thankfully the following day she came home and told me that she found a friend that was interested in science like her and they spent the recess looking for varieties of bugs. It is so scary to be facing these types of challenges already. I am so thankful for her little sharp analytical mind that allows her to see past the pressure from her peers. I hope that can hold. I am grateful she feels comfortable talking to us about these things.

Greysen discovered corn on the cob.

Tate started soccer. He doesn't look too thrilled in this pictures but he actually really loves it and has a natural talent for it. His lean little body is quite speedy.

So adorable!

We had the chance to go to Silverwood for the first time this summer. It was a long drive but a lot of fun.

This was a train ride where we unexpectedly experienced a "hold up" (well maybe not too unexpectedly) It kinda stressed Tate out and Zoe and I got soaked.

Ben Zoe and Tate went on the bumper boats. Here is Ben trying to include me in the fun. Isn't he so thoughtful!

Zoe loved this ride and got into battles with total strangers.

Ben went with Zoe on her first field trip here in Wenatchee with the boys to learn about salmon.

Zoe creating her own salmon.

Greysen trying to run from the salmon. Or maybe just trying to get away from Zoe.

Zoe's class

Who is that fish baby?

Two stories about Tate:
First for the penny...He thought it would be interesting to stick a penny between a plug that was plugged in and the outlet. All we saw was a big flash of fire and the lights went out. When the confusion passed we discovered the penny still lodged in the socked with two notches melted out where the prongs touched it. Miraculously, Tate didn't even feel a shock. He received quite an education about electricity that day.
The second story happened earlier this week. Tate had gone on a play date with a friend to the park. When I got home that night he complained that there was an owie on his bum. I took a look at it and found a small scratch on his right cheek. I cleaned it, put medicine on it and a band aid more for his emotional well being than physical. A few days later I asked if it was better. He said no, so I checked it again. Now it was raised and inflamed. It was evident that there was something in it. Surgery commenced with me playing the role of surgeon. After some slight poking around I discovered the sliver and began to pull it out. It was huge more than half an inch long! Don't ask me how it got in there! I guess I can add bum surgeon to my list of qualifications.