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Sunday, April 13, 2014


 At the airport
The Sorensen's on their way to Disneyland
Airplane buddies!
Lego buffness!  Love Grey's strong face!
Lego silliness
My new Lego friend.  She is a great listener
Lego magic
Lego buffness 2.  Check out the photo bomb strong face!

How do they do that?

Or that?

Ice cream
This is what we have been looking forward too!
Disney Breakfasts are my favorite!
Greysen loved the characters.

Flashback! Tiny Greysen!

Not so much Bekett!


Never too old for Disney fun! 

Grizzly River Rapids

Hey Red! He fits right in our family!

This line was crazy!  Thankfully we had done some research and knew to get fast passes first thing.

Ready to Race!

Finish line shot!
Finish line shot

Finish Line shot

Finish Line shot!

Hover Tires

These glasses are from one of our favorite rides of the trip.
Midway Mania!

Midway Monkeys

Midway sweet man

Midway Shoulder ride

Midway Buddies

Midway Darth Mickey

Midway hilarity!





Love this girl so much!
They have these art classes in California Adventure.  Zoe, Tate and I were able to take a couple of classses to learn to draw some fun Disney Characters.

My Cheshire Cat
Zoe's Olaf 

Tate's Cheshire Cat 

Zoe's Cheshire Cat
My Olaf
Tired Bekett would crash as soon as we got back to the hotel after a long day.

Matterhorn Macaroons!

Corn Dogs!

Corn Dog photo bomb
Zoe was all about hats this trip.  She found this adorable top hat.
Darth Mickey
Darth Mickey Turkey Leg
Ben was a happy guy in this moment.
Like father like daughter!

Tate wanted this wizard Mickey hat the last time we came.

Pretty Mini!
These ears were just too cute to pass up even though Bek was not a huge fan.

Silly Bekett

Sweet Tate
Silly Bekett

Sweet Bekett


Silly Bekett

Nap time
Sad Darth Mickey

Tate accepted the Tower of Terror challenge!

Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror

This ride in near Astroblasters which both Ben and Grey loved.

We went on this ride one time and Astroblasters probably 8 times.  There is just no good place to take a picture on Astroblasters.

Tate did Jedi Academy.

Spooky Darth Vader!

Tate Graduated from the Jedi Academy

Flashback! Tate the Jedi!

Start Tours

Darth Mickey and his minion!

Space Mountain

Scolding like she does her little brothers!

Some things don't change.

The crazy boys!

Flashback! Little Tate

Here we are 2014!

Here we are 2011

She was so excited to get this picture!

Time for breakfast!

Sweet Bekett!

Not so scared anymore...

Wait too close!

Umm she is touching me!

Not again!

Is he gone?

Not another one.

Zoe's fairy god mother!


Tigger REALLY liked me!

Come tough Tate!

You can do it Zoe!

Licking it does not help Grey!

Go Bekett!



Line waiting

Line waiting

Line Waiting

Sleepy stink bugs!

Umm...where is Greysen?

Ariel Carousel

Ariel Carousel

Ariel Carousel

Ariel Carousel

Ariel Carousel

Ariel Carousel

Ariel Carousel

Silly Bekett



Splash Mountain