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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Greysen played soccer for the first time last fall.

Zoe got permission to graduate to point shoes.
I stayed up late sewing ribbons on.

I got to hang out back stage with her at her latest concert.
Our sweet friend Sydney.

Zoe had a dance recital shortly after Tate's baptism.

Fun hanging out with these silly girls.

Zoe also plays in her school orchestra.

Since Tate is 8 now he is in scouts.  Isn't he so cute in his little uniform!

Tate got to participate in the Tri Ward pinewood derby.  He designed, made and painted his car by himself.

Tate's first time presenting the colors.

Tate won all but 2 of his runs and the 2 he didn't come in first he came in second.

That put him in first place!  Pretty good for his first pinewood derby.

Tate also had a piano recital.

Bekett has been developing talents as well!

This is an older one where he was just learning to say "Thank you". I love his sweet little voice.

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