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Monday, July 9, 2012

Post Baby Update

Well it has been 6 weeks since little Bekett joined our family and it has been busy.  Here are some of the highlights of our last month and a half.

Tate and Grey continued thier Jedi training.

Tate continued his big brother apprenticeship. 

Zoe started her seamstress training under the master.  Ben's mother Mani was here to help us with all of our needs (especially our need for sweet treats!).  Zoe learned many valuable skills from her including sewing, crocheting, hat making and cooking.

Cute Tate!

And again!

Zoe had her final piano recital and piano guild.  This is the group of students her teacher teaches.

Zoe had her final orchestra concert and is feeling pretty good about playing the viola.  I think she will play again next year.

Zoe had her end of the year dance recital.  She had to practice her sexy walk which was more than a little bit disturbing for me.

Gresen had Nana (Ben's mom) wrapped around his finger.  She was worried he didn't eat enough so she would follow him around with food.  He was very particular about what he would eat namely cucmbers and hot dogs with ranch and noodles.  And of course the ever present milk cup!

Bek was also honing his skills...sleeping...

...asking for food...


...looking adorable.

And there is daddy ready to answer every need!

Tate graduated kindergarten his teacher was Mrs. Murphy and he LOVED her.  We are so proud of how well he did in school.  He worked very hard often doing a whole months worth of homework in one sitting.  He memorized all of the need to know words for kindergarten through 4th grade!

Tate also had his spring piano recital.

Ben found an injured baby bird in our yard and had hopes of nursing him back to health.

He was very soft and small.

Zoe fell in love with him and was heart broken when he died.  We both cried.  She made him a little coffin and dug him a grave, then decorated it with her favorite rock.  It was so sweet and sad, one of lifes lessons I guess.

Zoe looks just like me in this picture!

My 3 cute and crazy boys!

I made those feet!

Zoe was so proud of putting the baby to sleep for the first time.

Tate advanced to the next level of his big brother training!

Greysen of course chose these 6 weeks to individuate and has been expressing his independence in many different ways.  He regularly uses the word "NO", often refuses to follow instruction, 

dresses himself,

makes hilarious faces and says awesome things.  For example he didn't know what his scrotum was called so he named it zjuzj (Ben and I just had a discussion about how to spell it and I am still not sure that works.)  He said to me the other day "I nub dis baby so much!"

Here I am still rocking my double chin!

I took these of my sweet boy today.

Love that bummy!

Here is Beks first real bath after the umbilical cord fell off and he healed from his circumcision.  Warning naked baby alert!