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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Zoe has grown so much this year I feel like I cannot keep up with her. Since she is my first born I have no idea when to introduce new responsibility and usually she asks me for it before I think of it myself. Because of her own initiative she can now do dishes, cook pancakes by herself, and take care of the bunny independently with only a few reminders. She really is amazing. She continues with her piano, ballet and jazz lessons and is doing very well. The first two videos are from dance and the third is her piano recital.

Zoe has been fortunate to have great teachers both in school and with her extracurricular activities. Her dance teachers have known her since she was 3 and know how to get her to do her best. Zoe also loves her piano teacher Sister Apken who put on the sweetest recital for her. You can see in her recital video she is wearing her medal from dance exams. This year she worked just as hard as last year but had much less anxiety about it. She was able to achieve a red ribbon again and really enjoyed it this year.

This is a picture of the group she did exams with.

Zoe is also doing very well in school. She has always been a strong reader but she is doing very well at math and science as well. She can already multiply better than me.

Funny Story: For Christmas Santa brought Zoe a microscope. It came with a slide that has a paramecium on it. Zoe decided this was very interesting so she wrote her observations down and turned them into her teacher without telling me. So I was very surprised when her teacher sent a letter home asking if Zoe would like to do the science fair. (Typically 3rd graders don't do the science fair here).

These are pictures of the project we put together. It was a family effort but she was very proud of it, and so was I.

I am just so proud of her. She has really started to understand things on a different level. Her testimony is growing, she truly wants to do the right thing and she has such a big heart for those who she thinks need help. She is so great! And I am so excited to see what things are to come.