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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well, our camera is getting old but we managed to get a few good Halloween pictures in. We tried out the corn maze and pumpkin patch here in Wenatchee this year. You will notice that there are no pictures. It was a total bust. The corn maze was more like a corn path and the pumpkins that were left were all mush. Lesson learned we will make the 2 and 1/2 hour drive to Carpenito Brothers next year.
So we bought our pumpkins at good old Fred Meyer but still had a blast picking out designs and carving.

Sadly there are no great pictures of the finished product. The first night we lit them it was breezy and they kept blowing out and after that I just kept forgetting. I just went outside to see if I could get one now but the pumpkins are more black than orange now. Oh well... Here is Ben's attempt at lighting them the first night.

Tate and Grey admiring the one that stayed lit.

Tate picked the theme this year. Can you guess who we are?

Yoda, Leigha, Han, Luke, Padme

We went Trick-or-Treating in down town Wenatchee on Saturday. We got lots of comments, and compliments. The funniest though was when we would run into people we know and they would recognize me and then ask where Ben was. I guess he doesn't look himself in a 70's shag.
We didn't Trick -or-Treat on Sunday but we had a steady stream of treat seakers at our door from 5pm until we turned our lights off at 8pm. How fun to be in a neighborhood!

The Fall here has been so beautiful.

These last two are pictures of our front yard.

We had a great Fall party at our place last weekend. Many people from our Ward came and the Dames came down from Manson. It was so much fun. The only sad thing is that I only got two pictures that were in focus of the whole thing. Bummer!

This was one of the games we played. The kids had to be blindfolded and carry leaves to a bag across the yard. So funny. We also played put the eyeball on the skeleton, eat the dangling doughnut, and had a mask painting station. Mostly I just visited with the ladies and prepared treats while Ben ran the show. He was thrilled. We had great treats too though. Peanut butter bites, caramel apple bites, caramel popcorn (thanks Tina!), Kettle corn (thanks Shawna!), hot cider, and homemade hot chocolate. Sugar coma!

Blast from the past!
When we were putting up Halloween decorations Tate wanted to try this on again.
Surprise it still fits!