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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Fun!

Being home with a brand new baby brother all summer can get kind of boring so we make our own fun.  Tate and Grey made good use of the dress up chest.

Zoe decided this would be the perfect opportunity to practice her makeup skills.

Scary right?  Good preview for Halloween!

Even Bekett got in on the action.  Here he is dressed like a ting toss.

My dad's sisters Roberta and Barbara came to visit and meet Bekett.

Aunt Barb decided to show Zoe some good basketball form.
(There is a floating Sydney in the background!)

Good try Zoe!

Aunt Roberta and Bekett

Speaking of Bekett he has grown a lot and now he is so smiley!

He loves bath time! 

We did take a trip to Utah to have baby Bek blessed.  My family met us in Utah and we were able to get a picture of the whole crew.
Back row:  Zoe, Grey, Tate, Kyle, Stetson, Chance, Cheraden, Taryn, Chelsea
Front row:  Ben, Mauvia, Joshua, Cindy, Bekett, D.J., Odessa, Randy, Jasper

This is my sister Taryn and her family.
Chance, Joshua, Taryn, Chelsea, and Cheraden

This is my mom and Bek practicing his skill as a bubble blower.

We got to see lots of our favorite family at the blessing.
Dana, Emily, one of the twinners, Ellie, Claudia and mom.

Zoe, K.J., Chelsea and Cheraden

Matt and Tate

Micheal, Jacob, Ariel
Ashley, Brooke, Ellie

Ellie and Emma

Zoe, Cheraden, Chelsea and Odessa

Chelsea and Kesey

Taylor and Jacob 

Ariel and Taylor

We visited the Zoo while in Utah.
We felt like we should bring these monkeys home for some reason! 

Suprise picture of Dad! 

Ariel, Brandon, Matthew, Tate, Zoe
Jacob, Taylor, Ellie, Greysen.  And hidden behind the tree is Micheal.

Of all of the things that have changed with this girl in the past year she still loves peacocks.

Wow someone else must have been in charge of the camera! 

Sweet Tate loves a train ride!

Pa and Taylor.

Nanna and Emma

Ben brought his bottle rocket launcher to impress the nieces and nephews.
I think this launch took him by suprise!

Tate planting dandy lions.

Rockets are loud!

Silly brothers! 

Cutie pie Jacob.

Sweet face Taylor.

Nanna and Emma

Ariel, Zoe, Grandpa. Kesy and K.J.

While we were in Utah we got to visit the Salt Lake City Temple.
Can you find the Sorensen's? 

Everyone needs an audience while they drink.

On the long drive home we stopped to visit my Grandma Marley and Granny Moon.  We left the camera in the car (oops!) but I got a picture of these beautiful flowers they gave us.

Tate and Grey got to share a queen size mattress.  I don't think they needed that much space!