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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Podiatry and Orthodontia

You need the back story to understand what is happening in the following pictures. In the summer of 2012 Tate went running down an old dock barefoot. After that he had a bunch of visible slivers in his feet. We were boating with a doctor John Dame who removed as many slivers as he could. We later had our friend and podiatrist Brandon Child look at it and were told that there was still a sliver in the foot but it would likely work it's way out. Fast forward to a year later. Tate's foot would get inflamed and hurt but the sliver never came out. Brandon finally decided it was time to go in after it. Brandon wanted to put Tate under general anesthesia to do the procedure which would mean intubation. That seemed like to big of a risk to Ben and I so we talked to Tate and elected to do the numbing shot instead.

This is what the foot looked like the day the sliver was removed. It was really not that inflamed that day.
This was Tate's method of coping while the sliver was removed.
Dr Child getting ready to deliver the shot.

Daddy had to hold the leg while mommy coached him through breathing.

Now it is swollen full of numbing stuff.

Time for a bath.

Now the leg gets painted yellow.

The first cut.

Dig a little deeper...

Wait what is that?

There it is!

Yikes! That is a big hole.

Any more?

Sew it back up.

Just like new.

All wrapped up.  Notice the pile of bloody gauze on the tray above?  Dr Child was so afraid that Tate would freak out that he covered the pile of gauze quickly so Tate couldn't see.  Later Tate noticed the pile in the pictures and asked why he hadn't seen it when we were in the room.  I told him Dr Child didn't want to scare him so he covered it up.  Tate said,  "well that was silly of him!"

Now for the cast to protect the stitches.

What a trooper getting his cast on.

Glow in the dark of course!

And a nice booty to go with it.

There is the sliver responsible for the whole fiasco.

Zoe has had an eventful year also.  She decided that she wanted to get braces but she was very nervous about what she would end up looking like.  

Well she should have worried more about what she would look like getting her highlights done instead.  

She was picking up some interesting frequencies!

Look at those pearly whites!

Open wide!

Doesn't that look delicious!

This was just the initial molding.  She hasn't let me get a picture of her actual braces yet but don't worry I will!