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Friday, February 19, 2010

Greysen Goat

The other day while Zoe and I were on an Activity Day field trip Ben took the boys for a walk around our neighborhood. We live in a small gated community in a relatively urban area. Which made it even more surprising when they encountered a goat walking down the middle of the road. They played at our small playground and watched the antics of animal control trying to round up the goat which included one animal control person walking down the sidewalk searching for the goat while the goat walks nonchalantly a few feet behind him. The antics went on for quit a while and Ben did not actually see the goat get caught. (We assume he did because we haven't seen him again.) Zoe and I got all the stories later, when I asked Tate about it he said, "Oh Greysen Goat was hillarious!" I guess Grey has a new nick name.

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Smart Helm said...

Gotta love those nicknames. I wonder where that goat came from?