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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Day at the Park and Valentines Day

So I reserve the right to change my mind later but so far I am LOVING this Wenatchee weather. These pictures were taken on a beautiful day in February as we played at the park.

Wow I love these faces!

Am I biased or is she gorgeous?!

Sweet boy loves to swing.

My other sweet swinging boy!

Look at the pure joy!

You know you want to kiss those cheeks!

and those!

Ben made an amazing dinner and dessert for Valentines Day including chocolate covered strawberries...

Steak and heart shaped potatoes. Everything tastes better if it is heart shaped!


Smart Helm said...

I have to say Wenatchee weather seemed to be much nicer than Seattles to me, but I do come from the extreme sunshine :-) Cute pictures!

Captain Hershey Bar said...

Beautiful pictures, hopefully get to see those photogenic kids in person soon! We will hook up when you guys go to Utah.

amybutler said...

Sorry Brandon was logged in..