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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Tate!

The Great Tate turned 5 in February!

Here are 5 fun and memorable facts about Tate:

1: He is totally obsessed with Star Wars (which will explain much of the rest of this post)

2. He is a great reader

3. He can be very sweet and supportive as a brother and a son

4. He is for the most part very good natured and easy going

5. If you catch him at the wrong time when he hasn't had enough sleep and is engrossed in an activity and you need him to do something else, even if it is something fun, he can be very stubborn and will lower his eyebrows all the way and stomp all the way to where he has to go and say FINE!

5 funny things Tate says

1. Kisses are unvisable (which means you cannot wipe them off) and he has a net to catch them with. Also that's disgusting whenever Ben and I kiss.

2. They shouldn't cut down trees, what will they do if the dirty air comes?!

3. I want that for my birthday (started the day after his birthday week this year)

4. Mom do you wanna scrimadge?

5. Butcept, you know when he is disagreeing with you.

Wow, that is an incredibly unflattering picture. Oh well, here I am trying to give Tate the Star Wars birthday of his dreams. Thanks to my friend Shawna with her pancake molds so I didn't have to attempt freehand.

Zoe and Yoda...

Tate and Darth...

Plenty for all to eat...

Storm Trooper.

Sweet little mug and his new Star Wars Legos.

The beautiful thing about having a trampoline is that it is like an automatic party. Kids come over, they jump, they eat cake and go home!

Good fun and Good for you!

Love the trampoline hair!

Have to give Ben mad props here because he did not have any molds and these things totally look like what he wanted them to. Tate is not a cake man so we did rice crispy treats instead.

We love this little man so much!


Kevin Fenn said...

Hey, you guys have a Springfree trampoline just like us. We love ours. Although after 3 years now, the white PVC coating over the poles is starting to crack pretty badly and flake off. I guess the nice dry Utah weather will do that.

Smart Helm said...

Those are some pretty awesome pancakes. I've never even heard of such a thing. I'm thinking I might need to get some for myself. Happy Birthday Tate! Here's wishing many happy returns of the day.

amybutler said...

We love you Tate!! We want to come and see you sometime (this summer). Great pictures! Won't show the kids, we need to keep the pancake expectations low (still working on Mickey Mouse).