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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Camping with the Sampsons

We spent Memorial Day weekend camping with our friends the Sampson's at Deception Pass.

This was Bekett's first camping trip.  We decided to stop camping with babies when Grey was little and consumed more dirt than food on our last camping trip.

We love playing in the ocean!

Jack and Tate digging in the sand.

Bekett on the beach

Tate on a rock

Bekett can't decide if he likes the water.

He likes sticks though.

Obviously I can't get enough of this sweet face.

More sweet faces and sandy hands.

Climbing on rocks...

Throwing rocks

Flying kites

More sweet faces.


Someone needed more mommy time.

Sweet Kenzie face

Lot's of kites

More rock climbing

Finding new friends.

Eating sand...hmmm seems familiar.

Beth and Paul ribbon dancing

Napping by the ocean.

Hiking to the bridge

Daisy crowns

Pestie, Jack, Tate, Kenzie and Zoe

There it is.

The peekaboo tree!

More sweet faces

Hiking buddies.

We heeded the signs advise.

Nice view!

Kenzie was scared but she went all the way across.

Beach teeter totter.

Sunset on the water.

Camp fires and smores!

Tate is under attack!

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