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Sunday, July 10, 2011

San Fransisco

While we were in San Fransisco for the baby blessings we decided to do some tourist stuff that we have never done before.

We stayed in the city because I had a conference I had to go to and we were only about a mile from Pier 39. We were able to walk down a couple times and enjoy the sights and smells...and the FOOD!

Ice Cream!
Uncle Jeremy treated Zoe and Tate after thier trip to the Aquarium.

Tate hanging out by the boats...

The whole crew...sadly I was in a conference for this part. Looks like fun though eh?!

Look at these strange creatures they found at the aquarium!

What adorable sea creatures!

Maybe they will let me take them home.

Love the squishy nose!

Oooooo! That's a nice one too!

Maybe I can have all three!

How could I resist!?

Also while I was in meetings they got to go to the zoo.

The perfect form of transport.

Tate, Grey, goat, Jacob

Popular goat!

Wait! Aren't those the cute creatures from the aquarium?

Ben and I were able to take advantage of many willing sitters to have a night to ourselves.

We had a great time touring around the city.
China Town
Seriously like we entered another country.

Union Square

There were tons of artist displaying thier work and some of it was amazing.

Then we went on a bus tour of the city. Our tour guide was hilarious! He ate loudly and got lost a couple times but taught us lots of interesting things about San Fransisco. Did you know that only pets and military can be buried there. Where do all thier dead go?

This pic is for Melanie. This is one of the cables to the Bay bridge cross sectioned. Inside there are thousands of thumb width cables. It's not rebar but still very interesting eh Mel?!

Then we took the ferry to Alcatraz

There's the bay bridge in the background

There you can see Alcatraz behind that bardge.

The skyline from Alcatraz

Serving 20 to life but should get out on good behavior.


Smart Helm said...

That is one big cable... Rebar is cooler but u got to take what u can get and it's much bigger than what I saw in Seattle. Maybe I'll have to look into that :-) Those are some squishy sea creatures!

Jeremy said...

Yeah for lots of sitters and time together. We have been to pier 39 many times but never to Alcatraz. How fun!!!!

The Platt's said...

looks like you had fun! sooo jealous!