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Monday, November 17, 2014

Random Fun

This is one of those posts that catches all of wonderful randomness in our lives.
The Giant Knight in Leavenworth

Tate getting a piano award.

Tate's Art


Greysen's art

Scout Day Camp

Yummy fried fish

Bekett bobble head clone trooper

Ferry rides.

Sweet baby blessings

Don, Kairi, Natasja


Mike Kairi and Liz

Our final harvest this year.
Grey forgot something!

Trampoline hair!

The sweet messages my young women gave me after I was released.

Zoe's first pair of point shoes and my first time sewing ribbons!

1 comment:

Helm Headquarters said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. I check your blog often, but don't comment. We keep your family Christmas picture on the fridge with all the kids family photos, and I love it when friends stop to look and say I thought I knew all your children, but I guess I don't know this daughter!