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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


To start off the season we went to Seattle to visit the Sampson's and go to the pumpkin patch.

Jack, Jaron, Greysen, Mackenzie, and Tate in the pumpkin patch.

The whole gang:  Greysen, Jaron, Beth, Paul, Kenzie, Jack, Ben, Bekett, Mauvia, Tate, and Zoe.

Beth and Paul.

We had a fun ferry ride home!


We sure love Halloweenin this family.  Here we are carving our pumpkins that we loving picked out at the pumpkin patch.

Bekett was not excited about the slime inside.

Zoe working on her masterpiece.

Greysen was not willing to put his hand in last year so we are making progress.

Ben has his own masterpiece.

Star Wars is here to stay in our family.

Fact:  Ben carves good jack-o-lanterns.

Here is my masterpiece.  (Actually I end up carving 4 of them.)

How did I miss getting a picture of Tate carving?
Then of course we have to go through the Halloween bucket and play dress up!

There is Tate in his traditional duck costume!

Here is our porch all decorated.

The finished jack-o-lanterns.  Zoe carved Jack the Pumpkin King, Bekett (me) carved an Angry Bird, and I carved Frankenstien.

Ben carved Dwight Schrewt, Tate (me) carved a Mine Craft Creeper.

Grey (me) carved a clone trooper.

Of course we have to make yummy Halloween food!

We chose the theme Into the Woods this year.

I am the witch, Ben the wolf, Zoe Red Riding hood, Tate Jack and the Beanstalk. Bekett the white cow, and Grey the Baker.

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