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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zoe's First 10K

Zoe has always had a very difficult time with running.  Unfortunately she got that from me.  I really hate running.  Ben wanted to help her over the summer by taking her running with him.  After running with her a few times he thought it would help her by setting a goal.  He wanted to plan to run a 5K at the end of the summer.  The only problem was that there were no 5K's around the Wenatchee Valley at the end of the summer so they decided instead to run the Chelan Shore to Shore 10K.  I thought that seemed pretty ambitious but Zoe was excited about it, that is until she ran 3 miles.  After months of training though she was able to run the whole 6 miles.

Here they are lining up with all the other runners.


Off they go!  Ben bought them matching t-shirts and promised to stick with her no matter how slow she needed to go.


Here they are crossing the finish line about an hour and a half later.  Zoe was the youngest runner in the race.  They ended up coming in last but because Zoe was the youngest she came in first in her age group and still got a prize which was a glass with the race info on it.


She looks so tired!


They also got these great shirts.


Let me just give a shout out to this guy.  He is the most amazing father.  He totally had to put his pride aside in order to make this day all about Zoe.  He said there was one time where an elderly woman was walking faster than them on the sidewalk and he just kept telling himself ...This is all about Zoe!


They have tons of yummy snacks for the runners.


The race began and ended at Manson Park.  There is a beautiful marina of lake Chelan there so we decided to hang out and have some fun.


What better way to cool off after a long race!


Marianne said...

Way to go Zoe. I didn't run my first 10k until I was 20!

Smart Helm said...

That is so awesome Zoe! What an accomplishment. I agree running is the hardest sport.. at least for us only mildly driven athletes. Love the pictures at the end. Way to go Ben!
PS. Listening to books on tape really take ur mind off the fact that ur running :-)

Me The Domestic Goddess said...

Great Job Zoe. Way to keep going and not stopping and I bet it was great to have your dad running with you. What an awesome memory to have!

Mom said...

So awesome Zoe! What a great accomplishment - and great pictures too!