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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tate's First Day of School and Soccer

Tate started kindergarten this year.  His first day of school came about a week later than Zoe's.  Ben and I met with his teacher the week before and she showed us the curriculum.  I was a little worried because I was pretty sure that he already knew the list of words that he was supposed to know at the end of the year.  His teacher assured us that if he knew all of the words they would just start him on the first grade list.  So that is what they have done.  What happens when he has already learned the first grade list?

Here is my silly man in the morning before school.  He loves his camo backpack.

Here he is out in front of the school.  He was anxious to go and he wanted Ben to leave right away.

Here he is in line telling Ben that he should leave.  And Tate wouldn't even give him a kiss goodbye.

Ben played secret agent and followed him to class to see how he did.  He was just so ready.

Tate has been in his first real soccer league this fall.

A lot of the games look liked this picture at first.  The boys standing around looking at the ball not sure what to do with it.

Now he starts getting into it!

Can't wait for the after party at Abbey's Pizza!

The kids rode the bus for the first time about a week after school started.  Zoe and Tate ride the same bus and best of all it picks them up right in front of our house.

This picture was taken from my front door!

There's my sweet little guy!

Look at this styling guy!

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