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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Silver Falls Hike and Welcome Oat!

We have heard so many good things about the Silver Falls hike in Entiat.  We have been wanting to do it fo a while but the 45 minute drive to get there has kept us from being able to go.  Finally Labor Day weekend we were able to go with the Bastian's and the Fry's. 

The great thing about this hike is that you hike along the waterfall the entire time.
The water was so beautiful and clear.
And here is Oat.  Oat is a young man from Thailand.  He came to the U.S. as a foreign exchange student but his host family fell through.  He was going to get sent home.  Our friends told us about him and we decided to let him stay with us since we have a spare room.  So he is the 6th member of our family for the year!  He is a great kid.  Very smart and funny.  

Here we all are.  Zoe, Ben, Grey, Mauvia, Tate, and Oat.
I know Oat looks very serious but he is really very funny.  I asked him why he never smiles in pictures and he told me, "It's not my style."
Here are the Fry's minus Nick.  Kyla, Leslie, Cora and Ava
Greysen's favorite ride!
I love this picture except for the part where the camera looks like a goiter on my neck.  No worries, I do not have any tumors.
Here we are again; Oat, Tate, Ben, Grey, Mauvia and Zoe

Caden, Kyla and Zoe hiking.  There is someone else there too but I can't tell who it is.

Caden Kyla, Zoe, Oat, and Leslie

Caden, Chandler, Leslie's nephew, Zoe and Brooklyn.

Zoe and Brooklyn
It wasn't just the waterfall that was beautiful the views were amazing!

Okay this picture is kind of hillarious.  Ben stayed on one side of the waterfall so that he could get a picture of us across the falls.  So in this picture you can see me holding Tate.  He had just gotten his first bee sting (see below).  Next to me is Jeremy Bastian holding Greysen.  You can also kind of see Oat through the waterfall.  Oat's red shoes had gotten dusty so he washed them off in the waterfall and they turned his fingers red. 

Here is the picture of Tate's first bee sting.  There was a hive right next to the trail.  It is kind of hard to see but there is a pale pink circle just below the knee.

This was his poor sad face.

As if she isn't tall enough already!

Holding a big stick always cheers Tate up.
Look at that big man!

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