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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Twins

My sister Taryn had twins in June.

I was lucky enough to be able to go down and meet these sweet little ones and help out for a few days.

Meet Joshua and Chelsea!
They are very tiny and very sweet.

I tried my hand at newborn photography while I was there. Clearly I am a novice but below are some of the best pictures.

Joshua has light reddish hair.

Joshua and Chlesea

They are both so cute and snuggly.


He was so sleepy.

Chelsea was very alert during the photo shoot.

Chelsea has dark hair and an upturned nose.

Doesn't it look like they are having a little chat!

For some reason this picture keeps turning sideways.
I am not sure why.

Crabby bums!

Cheraden the big sister and Chelsea

Joshua and Chance the big brother

Joshua, Chance, Cheraden, Chelsea

This is my beautiful sister Taryn with the little ones.

Taryn and Joshua

Taryn and Chelsea

Love those sweet feets.

Each twin was born with one clubbed foot. Can you pick out which ones are clubbed?

While I was there we took the babies in to get thier first casts.

Chelsea went first.

Then Joshua

Casted crabby bums.

Quick kiss!

On the way home we got to stop in and visit sweet little Odessa. What a lucky Aunt I am!


Bastianclan said...

Aweee those twins are super cute. Wish I could snuggle them.
You are such an awesome aunt and an even better sister.
I think your new born pics turned out awesome!!!! Good Job.

Katie Tyler said...

I think your pictures are adorable! of course- you had pretty cute little models :)