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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Fun

We did a lot of traveling in the beginning of this year so we decided to stick close to home this summer and try to get to know what is fun here in North Central Washington.

Some of our most fun memories happen when we are just hangin out as a family.

One of our favorite family times happens every Friday night when we have family sleep over. We stay up way too late playing games or watching movies and usually just fall asleep in the family room. (Then I wake up turn everything off and go back to my bed! Shhh!)

Here is Tate dressed up like a super secret sassy spy detective

Greysen had to take his turn too. I love that chubby cheek!

Doesn't he look so sly!

This is an example of the sleeping arrangements on sleepover night.

Why are all those bugs crawling allover Tate?

Well, they are actually tatoos left over from Halloween. Do you like how Tate is flexing his massive muscles?!

We love the rainbows that we see from our house on the rare rainy days.

Our fabulously fun and never boring friends the Sampsons came out to visit us.

We did a little exploring of Leavenworth.

Yummy cheese and sausage.

Funny hats! That fish is eating Grey's head!

Spooky tentacle girl!

Hmmm...what is Grey eating?

Mmmmmm...Looks like Beth has some too.

Wow, everyone has some yummy gelato. Don't worry I had some too and it was delicious!

We hiked around the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth a little bit.

Here's the whole crew.

The river was so high the rapids where really impressive.

Love this picture of Tate.

Got almosr everyone in this shot. That's Ben's elbow and Pestie's backside.

So pretty!

This is our crew.

We have also done a lot of bowling this summer. I love bowling. It is the only sport I can even come close to beating Ben at. Usually I am pretty good.

Not this day though.

Zoe did really good though.

Tate did good too.

Brooklyn did good.

And of course Ben did really good.

Good for him.

I am not at all bitter!

We did take one small trip to my dad's family reunion.
We didn't take too many pictures. We were having too much fun.

Here are the ones we did get.

These are my cousins Dakota and Lindsey. Thier dad Dale was my dad Dennis' brother. Both of those brothers have passed now, but it is so nice to see them once in a while.

This is my Uncle Randy's family. He is also my father's brother. Not all of his kids where there but these guys are Dayler in the back left Jayden, and Randy holding Jaylene's oldest. Then Ross, Laynele, Bon and Jaylene holding her youngest.

How can a summer out here be complete without a trip to Chelan.

Doesn't it look like Tate is standing in front of a postcard?

There's my sweet man! I can't count how many times a day I kiss those cheeks and it is never enough!

Crazy man!

This is his I am telling you a story face.

Zoe practicing her casts

Tate too!

Ben was the bate man. Don't worry though no fish were harmed during this adventure.


Smart Helm said...

Looks like u've been having a busy summer! Hiking is lots of fun with family... even if u don't catch anything. Well, for me expecially if you don't catch anything :-). I'll get my time outdoors once it cools down. Cute kids!

Smart Helm said...

PS.. that video at the top of ur blog is my favorite ever! When I found it I listened to it over and over until I've got most of the words memorized. My family thinks I'm crazy cuz I texted it to them all. SO FUNNY!