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Monday, August 6, 2012

Zoe's Birthday

The beginning of July brings us 2 special celebrations:

1.  The birth of our nation

2.  Zoe Pearl Sorensen

Zoe loves dessert but not really cake.  Fruit pizza was one of her birthday week dessert choices.  She even helped decorate.

We spent the day at Lake Chelan to celebrate both births.
Ben and Zoe took the paddleboard out.

Zoe gave it a try.

The boys played in the sand.  We made a fabulous castle but dragon Greysen destroyed it before we could get a picture.

This was Bekett's day.

Tate and I tried the paddleboard.  I totally swamped us and scared Tate to death.  He made me promise not to stand up again.

Here the boys are chillin on the board.

Birthday cherry raspberry pie!  Yum!

Zoe had a couple of requests for her birthday:

go shopping
get a haircut
go swimming
eat yummy food
play with friends

We had been waiting to get our haircut to have enough length to donate...

Bye bye hair!

Here are our new styles!
Here are a few of the many wonderful things about Zoe:

She is a budding artist and is not shy about her subject matter.

She is becoming very resposible

She is a great cook

She is great with babies

She is very stylish

She has a great sense of humor

She loves to help

She is just the sweetest girl I know and I am so blessed to be her mom!

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Smart Helm said...

Looks like a way fun July. I've been scared of paddleboards ever since Emily got scraped up by one in Hawaii... So go you! And Happy Birthday to Zoe, here's to another good year :)