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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yellowstone and the Nelsons

My best friend from high school was due to have her baby around the same time as I was. She lives in New York so we haven't seen eachother for a couple of years. She came to Idaho with her family and new baby so we met them in Yellowstone.

Here we are, can you find Bek?

This is Siri Kjerstina's sister, Gunnar her brother and her mom Liz, you can also see the back of Teresja on the right.  They are great people and have been very kind to me over the years and they are a ton of fun to be around.

Zoe loves to take any opportunity to pose.

Grey insisted the car be pictured to.

This is a picture of the Tate parade.  Tate is in the front followed by Emmi and Lily and then Grey.  This happened all weekend.  Sunday night when I was putting Tate to bed he said, "Mom those girls keep following me around."  I told him that I had noticed and he said, "I like it!"  It was so funny!

I could have reached out my car window and kissed this elk it was so close!

This was the first buffalo that we saw in the park.  He looked kind of sad and Zoe decided that he must have gotten a divorce from his herd.

Can't remember the name of the falls but they where beautiful!

Emmi, Lily and Robbie.  So cute!

Zoe the model!

This is the friend I have been talking about.  Kjerstina and her son Robbie.  It was so fun to see her.  We were such goofy girls together.

We player in the lake while we where there.  That is Anders up by Greysen and Teresja on the far right.

We saw this tiny (or as Grey would say, "tindy") chipmunk on the boardwalks aroung old faithful.  He was so cute so we followed him for a while.  Grey kept calling to it saying, "Come here tindy chipmunk I nub you!"

Pew!  Stinky volcano (bacano) smell!

Here we are waiting for old Faithful to erupt...

Come on bacano!

Is that it? 

In the end it did erupt but we were so exited we didn't get a picture.  It was awesome though you will have to take our word for it

Mommy and baby buffalo...did you know both mommy and daddy buffalo have beards!


Huckleberry ice cream.

Zoe took this picture of Mammoth flats kind of cool eh.

Here are the 2 sweet babies that brought us all together.  Bekett Marley Sorensen and Julianna Linda Salmon.

They are very cute together but Kjerstina is afraid that she will be taller than him.  Personally I don't see the problem!

Too bad we are no longer allowed to arrange marriages.

The last day of our trip we spent with my sister and her family and my mother.

My sister Dwan and her daughter Odessa holding Bek.

We had too much fun and forgot to take pictures but my step nephew was a pro on the paddle board.

It was lots of driving but totally worth it!


Jodi Glazner said...

It seriously took me forever to find Bek in that first picture! Oh my goodness, those pictures were beautiful, the scenery and the people.

Mom said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I wish my Yellowstone pictures had turned out as nice. We were there in August too. Those falls are called....Yellowstone Falls.