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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Taterootie toot turns 6!

Tate recently turned 6 years old even though he promised me at the age of 4 that he would never get older than 5.  He totally broke his promise!

When we were planning his party I asked Tate who he would like to invite and he started naming names.  I had to rush to grab a piece of paper to write them down and by the time he was finished there where 22 kids names on the list.  He named from memory 22 kids names!  I was so shocked!  And freaked out because how do you plan a party in the winter for 22 kids where you can't go outside?!

Tate decided he wanted a pajama movie party.  Okay so maybe that would be do-able.  We tried to get him to pair down the list but he was afraid that someone would get their feelings hurt so he couldn't bring himself to pick anyone to take off of the list.  In the end we let him invite them all hoping that some would not be able to come.  We ended up with 19 kids.

Our friend Tina helped with the transitions by keeping the kiddos occupied.

Thank goodness Tina was there because we where completely unprepared for the level of energy of that many 5-6 year olds.  She came up with this great game to help with presents on the spot.  A couple of kids got bonked but it helped keep them busy.

One benefit of having lots of kids at your party is the presents.  Tate got double the presents on his birthday than he did at Christmas.

Tate currently does not like cake so he chose to have sundae's and fruit for his birthday.

Here are some of the many things we love about Tate:

1.  He is very friendly and wants to be friends with everyone
2.  He is super smart, by October he had completed the kindergarten reading curriculum and just kept going.  Last I heard he was on 4th grade.

3.  He is very organized.  He is the guy you want with you to clean up he puts everything in it's place.

4.  He usually has a great attitude and completes his chores, practice and homework with enthusiasm.

5.  He is a great brother, he even helps Grey go potty!

6.  He loves to laugh and his laugh is infectious!

Here he is with some of his stash.  Probably 80% Star Wars.  He was a happy guy.
Man that was an exhausting party!

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Smart Helm said...

How greatful we are for great friends.. for both the mom and the kids :-) Happy birthday!