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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Primary Talent Show

Our Primary puts on a talent show every year.
Zoe and Tate had the opportunity to share the talents they are working so hard on.

Tate wasn't nervous at all!

Zoe was nervous but once she got into the music she forgot about it.
I am so proud of both of them.  They put a lot of time in practicing.

My Primary Presidency and I have all of these funny sayings about "High Five a Tiger", "Jazz Hands", and putting on our "Tiger Makeup" that get us through difficult times. This is our theme song and here we are getting our groove on. It was much more therapeutic for us to do than to watch. At least we had fun!


Smart Helm said...

That was awesome! I bet I know who did the choreography :) And I think Zoe has passed me in piano playing proficiency... not exactly hard to do though. Good job!

Me The Domestic Goddess said...

What a talented family! Having a talent show in the Primary is a great idea.

4lakedames said...

I love that you are still keeping the groves and moves alive...even when your so cute and pregnant! Love the kids talents too...good work BMZTGs!