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Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Greysen!

Our little man has turned 2!

Look at that sweet face! Don't you just want to smush those cheeks?

Our little man is so funny and smart.

Here are some of my favorite things about Grey:

1. He says "I puds" When he needs a diaper change and points to his bottom.

2. He hums the Star Wars Theme and the Darth Vader Theme

3. He loves to pretend to be a monster

4. When you ask him for something he says "Sure!" In his sweet voice.

5. He loves cars, trains, trucks and anything with a motor. On the way from the car into the church every sunday he names every vehicle he can see ie: car, truck, truck car.

6. He has squishy kissable cheeks.

7. He does very dramatic fake deaths when playing Star Wars.

8. He pats your back when he is trying to comfort you.

9. His little voice is so sweet.

10. He still thinks that my kiss heals his ouwies.

Greysen decided to wear Ben's shorts.

The infamous blanket, only he doesn't cover his body with it he wrapps it around his head while he sleeps.

Greysen does not like cake so for his birthday this year we had fruit and whipped cream.

This was Greysen's personal birthday cake made specially by Ben.

Happy Birthday to Greysen!

Yummy Birthday Cake (minus the cake!)

Birthday Presents!

Whenever we ask Greysen how old he is he says "I dknow"

Love the monster!

He loves dogs!

Epic Star Wars Battle

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Smart Helm said...

Happy Birthday! I love that he seems a bit bewildered at the cake and candles :-)