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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fire and Ice

One last post before Disney!
The weekend of Martin Luther King Jr day the Dames invited us up to Chelan for the Fire and Ice festival.
There are ice sculptures, ice skating, and people jumping half naked into the ice.
Sounds like way too much ICE for me but I am trying to embrace the whole 4 season thing so we decided to try it out.

It is amazing what these men can do with a chainsaw and ablock of ice!

We had some of our favorite neighbors with us. Brooklyn and Caden were staying with us while thier brother was in the hospital.

The detail was amazing!

We went to dinner with the Dames to get out of the cold at this really yummy pizza place.
Greysen loves pizza!

Haley and Scarlet...So adorable!

Brooklyn, Cozette and Tate.
Brooklyn looks kinda bummed because she was going to have to eat red sauce on the pizza. Don't worry we got her a white sauce pizza.

Caden is so goofy!

But you can't fool Zoe!

Atticus was very hungry and that will make anyone cranky!

Scarlet likes pizza!

Here is the fire part of the Fire and Ice Festival.

After the fireworks we had to make a mad dash for the car because it was pouring rain!
Thanks Dames for the great evening.


Smart Helm said...

That looks really cool. I really like Pizza. I might or might not have eaten an entire pizza Friday night.

Shawna said...

I'm not known for remembering random things but for some reason I was able to remember your blog address. yay! I loved looking through your posts. You guys are awesome!

Tina said...

Ummm I wish we were there with you instead of in the hospital. But thanks so much for taking such good care of Kayden and Brooklyn. You guys are awesome. The kids had a blast. Always fun with the Sorsen's