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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disney Day 1

Ben started a tradition in our family when Zoe was 4 years old. She was beginning to learn to read and he wanted to reward her and motivate her to keep practicing at the same time. He promised her that when she learned to read he would take her to Disney land. A family tradition was born. Tate was about to turn 5 and has been reading for a while and it was his turn.
That coupled with the fact that I have been working non stop without vacation meant that we were off...

The hotel prepared a little surprise for Tate.

Here is a closeup of the gift

The kids were so excited to see Goofy waiting for them in the lobby of the hotel. The mood was set from the beginning. Look at the HUGE grin on Tate's face.

We went to breakfast in the park the first day with lots of the characters. Eyeore was the first character waiting for us. This was the friendliest Grey was with any of the characters.

He even gave him a kiss!

Tate liked him too.

Zoe's fairy godmother was there too. Zoe wished for waffles and we ate them every morning we were there!

Zoe needed her Eyeore love too.

Pirates anyone?

See Greysen's indifference to Mini? That is how he usually was with the characters unless they got too close.

Chip thinks Tate needs a haircut!

So funny!

Grey was only there for the food!


Ahhh! More snuggles!

So sweet! ( I hope they clean those suits regularly!)

Ummm the Captain is pretty close...

Too CLOSE a little too CLOSE!

Tate looks so little here!

At this point Zoe is wondering when she gets to go back to her food.

Our first ride.
The benefit of going in January is that you practically get to walk right on to the rides. That and the 80 degree weather!

Zoe and Tate got to train as Jedis. This is Tate practicing his dodge.

I love this picture! It is so adorable how intently Tate is listening to the Jedi master!

Zoe the Jedi in training.
We have to post the video of the kids fighting the dark side once we figure out how to do it!

Of course we had to visit the Mad Hatters. Which one do you like that best? Does that look like my real hair?

Every girl need sparkly mini ears!

The pirate and the wizard!

They caught us and put us where we belong.

What adorable monkeys!


Smart Helm said...

That looks like u guys has all kinds of fun!

Captain Hershey Bar said...

Wow, wished we could have tagged along. We sure miss you guys.

amybutler said...

Sorry apparently Brandon is still signed on..

The Platt's said...

Mauvia, I can't believe how big the kids are!! they are soooo cute!

Shawna said...

Loved all the photos. That is the best vacation with kids. I'm glad you got to go. The very last photo with the boys in the monkey cage is so cute. Greyson's face is adorable.

Syd will be at Cascade for kindergarten. Your kids go to Lee right?

Tina said...

Mauvia (Ben),
You guys got some great pictures. I love all the smiles. I loved the picture with Greyson and Cpt Hook a little too close.
So much fun!! That Birthday treat for Tate was amazing. AWESOME!!!
I can't wait for July when we get to go and have fun fighting the dark side.