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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Holidays

We spent the Holidays this year at home relaxing and having fun as a family.
Zoe made her first batch of freezer fudge.

The turkey was perfect this year.

Tate, Zoe and I made rolls together.  This was my favorite part of Thanksgiving.  It was so nice to spend time together working together.

We all changed out of our pajamas to eat and then changed back!
It was so yummy!

We played Blokus.

And ate pie...

And took naps.

My sweet boys.

Tate lost a tooth and wrote this letter to the tooth fairy.

Sweet crazy man

Sweet blue eyed boy!

Man I love these ladies!  This was my Primary Presidency.  We had our final birthday/anniversary celebration together before Tina left for Korea.

Ben had a birthday.  If you are thinking that that is a funny looking cake, it is not a cake.  Ben wanted 7 layer dip.

We made a gingerbread house.

This was Greysen's first gingerbread house and he was so into it!

Zoe was kind of grumpy that night.

So I decided to decorate her instead.

We got these great pajamas for Christmas.

The kids loved the bums!

We stayed in our pajamas for much of the vacation.  Here I am vacuuming with the vacuum Santa gave me! 

This is our yearly video for 2012.

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Smart Helm said...

Looks like a great holiday! The pajama's are classic :)