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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Running, Eating, Growing

Bekett is eating cereal now.
He has also started using his jumper. This video is his first time in the jumper. You can see that he wants the bird so bad but still hasn't figured out how to reach with his hands so he is trying to grab it with his mouth.

And loves to listen to Zoe practice piano...
He is the cutest audience.
Zoe joined the cross country team this year.

I am so proud of her.  She is not a natural runner.  She has to work hard at it.  I have watched her work hard and push through the pain.  She is very determined. She never came in first place but she was not discouraged by that.  Her goal was to run the entire time and finish each race which she did.   He coaches have noticed this as well and she actually was given a student of the month award for "self management" on the cross country team. 

One of the races was at a ski resort and the boys got to play on a ski lift swing. 

Bekett is geting to be such a big boy.  He will no longer lie back in his swing he has to be sitting up so that he can look around.

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