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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lake Chelan

Despite our crazy busy summer we were able to take 2 fun trips out to Lake Chelan with some good friends of ours.
The Dames took us out on thier boat...

Here I am.  Kinda wierd I am usually the one behind the camera.

Bek was a little small for his life jacket but he didn't seem to mind.

Tate was full of smiles!

Me and Bek sitting with Haley and Scarlett.

John was manning the boat.

Here the kids were hanging out in the cabin.  Zoe, Cosette, Atticus, Scarlett, Tate, and Greysen.

Love those smiles!

Love what the life preserver does to those cheeks!

Of course we had to jump off of the boat!

Great Picture!


Happy swimming kiddos!

Tate was just full of cheesy grins that day!

Later in the summer or friends the Sampsons came out to play with us at the Lake.

Ben and Paul tried to get all the kids on the paddle board at once.

They almost made it.

Jaron building a sand castle.

Ben brought the rocket launcher.
You can also see BEth in the background trying out the paddle board.

Grey is going to launch the rocket.

Jack was great on the paddle board.

Zoe is getting really good at it too.

Another one of Jack...

And the wipe out!

I spent most of the day with the baby out of the sun which explains why this picture of Beth on the paddle board is so far away. 

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