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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Pre-Baby Catch-up

Here are some random videos and pictures.

Ben started our garden inside in late March.  We learned some great lessons from last year and are excited to see what we can grow.

This is our start:  Heirloom tomatos, bell peppers, jalapenos, eggplant, bok choy. 
Since we are having a third boy we had to move the boys into the big room.  Tate picked out the color and we all pitched in with the painting.  Including Grey who left big blue handprints in the closet doors.
Zoe prefers yoga painting!

Here is the finished product.

Greysen graduated from the crib to a big boy bed.  Ben made the bed frame to transform Tate's loft bed into a bunk bed.

Greysen did a great job.  We hardly noticed the change.  Doesn't the bed look great!
Zoe decided she wanted to switch rooms too...

That meant more painting and moving, but this is the first time in 5 years where we don't have a house with a pink room!

She chose green.
The pictures below are from our traditional Friday sleepover night.  We usually watch some movies and then the kids all crash on our floor.
Zoe made me promise not to put this on the blog.  Ooops!

This is Tate's bed.  He usually crawls under it if Ben is snoring too loud!

Ben taught Tate how to ride a bike during spring break. He was so ready that he caught on and took off quickly.

This is a totally random video of Grey eating. He is just so stinking adorable that I had to include it.

Ben and Greysen taking a Sunday nap.
Grey is saying some funny things now; he calls ice cream "crosseam" and rolly polly bugs "whacka molies".  Sometimes when you ask him to do something he says, "yes sirv".  He calls school busses "bus home" and cop cars and ambulances "wee-ooos". 

He also falls asleep in the most random places.


Smart Helm said...

That bunk bed is awesome. I think I need one like that. And you are teaching the kids good skills of sleeping anywhere... A skill I wish I had :)

kjerstina said...

I am jealous of your plants! And your backyard. You guys have been busy. And that video of Tate eating kills me! He didn't even act like it was abnormal that you were filming him eat.