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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Update...

Winter has never been my favorite time of year but with my kiddos it gets more fun every year.

This year I finally got Ben to go out on the roof to put up lights.  I can thank the late snow for that.
Careful! No net!
That is a long way up.
Totally worth it though, the house looked great.
Grey has been exploring the wonders of potty training.  Yep, he is in the kitchen.  Don't worry, he is using the bathroom now and doing a great job of it.

He has this funny way of calling his poo "guys" so as he is going potty he counts "one guy, two guys, oh man this is a big guy!"

The other weeked we went to Bellevue to get a DVD player put in our new mini van.  The kids and I spent the day at the Bellevue mall mostly at the play area.  Gerysen did a great job with telling me when he needed to go potty.  After we had been at the mall for 5 hours we were all pretty beat.  The mall was super crowded too.  I was watching Tate do a trick when a woman asked me if I was the mom of the little red headed boy.  I kindo of thought she was joking because that seemed obvious but I said yes.  She said well he doesn't have any pants on.  I look up and there he goes running naked with poo all over his bottom across the play area.  So I ran after him and picked him up.  He automatically spreads his legs to wrap them around my waist but he has poo on him so I keep him at arms length and hurry toward the bathroom.  Between us and the bathroom there is a cupcake stand and a little girl is having a princess birthday party.  I have to go through the party to get to the bathroom.  Once I get into the bathroom and clean him up I realize that I still don't have his clothes so I have to take my top shirt off and wrap it around him to go back out through the princess party to get to our diaper bag and a clean set of clothes.  Then I have to go search the play area for the dirty pants.  This has to be the most embarassing experience of my adult life!
Speaking of embarassing Zoe dressed Tate up in one of her dance costumes during our pre-Christmas purge.
Santa was kind to us this year.
Notice how dark it is...the kiddos woke up at 5am.
He even left us a chocolate message.
Here are my sweet boys in thier matching jams on the plasma car Grey got for Christmas.  This thing has to be the Christmas favorite.  We can all ride it and have been tossing around the idea of doing timed trials in our kitchen.  I am sure I look pretty hillarious riding it around with my bulging belly.
Zoe is such a helpful big sister!
Grey's second favorite present.
Zoe loved her new jams and hat.
My cute boys in thier matching jammies.
My favorite thing about Christmas break was lots of snuggle time.  This is how a mommy snuggles with all four of her sweet kiddos.
Zoe got a new scooter for Christmas and asked to ride it around the block.  She got a little ambitious and took a turn down hill too fast.  She is afraid to ride it now.
Love to see them sharing!
The snow finally came but not until mid January.  Here is Zoe demonstrating her big sister skills again.
Tate sledding.  This is the first time he actually enjoyed it
That is a happy face!
Face first!
Those are happy faces too!
Who knew snow could be so fun!
Happy Winter!


kjerstina said...

What a great post! And the mall story is hilarious! I am sure you will get payback by telling all of Greysen's friends when he is 13. Well, that still may not be payback enough... love your family!

PS- the word it is making me spell to leave this comment is "Vengeance". Haha!

Smart Helm said...

That is a crazy story.. so glad I wasn't there for it :-) Glad ur having a good winter!

Sorensen Family said...

Jer and I couldn't stop laughing about the mall incident. So sorry that happened! Lol