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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oat's Homecoming

This was Oat's first experience with an American dance.  The whole process from the "asking" to gathering all the needed supplies, to pictures and dinner and paying for the dance.  The whole thing was very foreign to him.  He was so confused about why I wouldn't just let him call the girl to ask her out.

Thankfully his friend Natalie helped him come up with an idea that wasn't too intimidating.

Here is his date Caroline.  Isn't she gorgeous!
Here are a bunch of the girls in the group he went with.
Silly girls!
Here is the whole crew.
Handsome fellas!
They ate thier dinner at our neighbors house because they have an outdoor pizza oven.
This is the Oat pose.


Jodi Glazner said...

I love that pizza is a reaccuring theme. :) You guys are having so many adventures!Tate looks really cute with his shaggy hair. I don't dare let my boys' hair get long but he really looks handsome with it. You make having an exchange student look really fun.

Smart Helm said...

Did you go over there to take the pictures? Now thats dedication! Looks like he had some fun.